Govt to construct open prisons

Harare – Cabinet has approved the repeal of the Prisons Act in a move that will see open prisons being constructed.
Speaking at a post cabinet briefing, Justice Legal and Parliamentary affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi said his ministry is going to work on the new bill in the shortest possible time.
“The cabinet today approved the principles so what we are going to do is sit to ensure that the new prisons and Correctional services bill is done.
“If the drafting is complete we will then be presenting it to cabinet,” he said.
Ziyambi said the new Act will contain the correctional aspect which the old law did not have.
“On the specific changes that we want to introduce, you recall that the act is called the Prisons Act but in the new constitution we now emphasise on the Correctional aspect so it is going to be called the Prisons and Correctional Services Act.
“We now will focus more on restorative justice, we want the rehabilitation of offenders to be the major focus,”.
He said open prisons are now going to be constructed.
“We take the offender from society, we rehabilitate.”
“What we are going to do now is create correctional facility centres which are basically open prisons where we will allow some of our offenders to stay in these open prisons where they get life skills.
They are rehabilitated and prepared to go back into the society,” he said.