GMB bosses hit with fresh charges


Harare – Fresh charges of money laundering are being prepared against Grain marketing Board (GMB) bosses who already have fraud charges on their neck after they allegedly sold state property without authority, a Harare Magistrate has been told.

Korbs Kobie Mutandiro, Basilio Sandamu and Taona Munzvandi had made an application for exception to fraud charges on the basis that the state grain utility they represented should have been charged and not them, but the application was dismissed on lack of merit.

The trial for the three bosses kicked off on Wednesday before Harare regional magistrate Lucy Mungwari.

Prosecutor Michael Reza told the court that there were eight other charges of money laundering against the three accused persons and that they would be brought in by the police to be warned and cautioned.

According to the State, sometime in the late 90s, the government embarked on the Land Reform Programme which involved compulsory acquisition of land for re-distribution. In terms of the Land Acquisition Act Chapter 20:10 and through an extraordinary Government Gazette general notice 591 of 2001, a notice was given to acquire Romany Farm under deed of transfer number 5421.

It was registered under Romany Farm (Pvt) Ltd measuring 197,37 hectares.

It was alleged that on April 30, 2013, Munzvandi, allegedly in connivance with Mutandiro and Sandamu, hatched a plan to defraud the GMB Fund.

The court heard that Munzvandi and Mutandiro entered into an agreement-of-sale of the said farm to GMB Pension Fund for $2,5 million knowing that the farm had been acquired by the State. Acting on the misrepresentation, GMB Pension Fund transferred $1 070 000 into Organs Resources (Pvt) Ltd’s Standard Chartered Bank corporate account where Mutandiro is the director and signatory to the bank account. As a result, GMB Pension Fund was prejudiced $1 070 000 and nothing was recovered.