Chamisa takes ED fight to Africa

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa has said that he will consider a coalition with Zanu PF only if he is made the third Vice President of the country, while his party should be given the ministries of finance, home affairs, local government & three other ministries.
Chamisa said his party will not be intimidated by guns.
Harare – MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has embarked on a diplomatic offensive  to highlight Zimbabwe’s deepening crisis.
In a press statement ,MDC Alliance director of communications Luke Tamborinyoka said Chamisa would use his foreign mission to plead for support on his cause against President Emmerosn Mnangagwa.
“President Nelson Chamisa is out of the country on a diplomatic offensive in Africa to sensitise the continent on the situation in Zimbabwe” said Tamborinyoka
The MDC leader’s diplomatic engagement comes as Zanu PF had managed to win the support of the region and African Union  over the current crackdown on opposition supporters.
It also comes as Mnangagwa has begun national dialogue with opposition parties which Chamisa has snubbed.
He said Chamisa would take the opportunity to cement relations with the African nations.
“President Chamisa will use the trip to cement relations with our brothers and sisters in fellow counties on the continent.
“In president Chamisa’s absence, vice president Engineer Elias Mudzuri is the acting president,” he said.
Chamisa refused to attend dialogue meetings called for by  Mnangagwa citing that there was persecution of members of his party and that the dialogue was not genuine.
He insisted that there should be a neutral convener among other demands including the release of the January protests alleged offenders.
Chamisa  says he won the 2018 harmonised elections and accused Zanu pf of rigging.
He has in the past petitioned SADC to intervene after the constitutional court declared President Mnangagwa the winner.