Botswana can help the Zimbabwe diamond sector

Harare – Botswana says it is ready to share its experiences with Zimbabwe in the management of the diamond sector in order to help the country develop its own industry, an official has said.
Addressing delegates at the inaugural session of the binational commission between Zimbabwe and Botswana, Botswana Permanent secretary of international affairs and cooperation and head of senior officials delegation Gaeimelwe Goitsemang said Botswana has developed expertise in the diamond industry over the years.
“Botswana has developed expertise in the diamond industry over the years, we have even started implementation of diamond beneficiation to ensure that we develop  local skills in the industry.
“We can share our experiences in this sector to help Zimbabwe develop her own industry.
“Examples like these are also found across other sectors which calls for our concerted efforts to work loosely together to unlock this massive potential between our two countries,” he said.
Goitsemang said Botswana and Zimbabwe both have high levels of unemployment and Botswana can learn from Zimbabwe on how to incorporate vocational training in schools.
“Both our countries are experiencing higher levels of unemployment but the difference is that Zimbabwe has incorporated vocational training in the schools curricula making it easy for your people to be resourceful.
“ This is something that Botswana can learn from Zimbabwe,” he said.
Speaking on the same occasion Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade ambassador James Manzou said Zimbabwe was very keen to emulate Botswana on how to harness its diamond resources.
“In the mining sector, Zimbabwe is very keen to emulate Botswana on how to harness its diamond resources, giving it a critical role in transforming the country into one of the most prosperous countries on the continent.
“I commend the ongoing cooperation between our two countries, among others in the wildlife management sector.
“It is pleasing to note that several issues have fallen off our agenda as a result of steadfast cooperation,” he said.
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