Four miners still trapped

Kwekwe – Four people are still trapped at Battlefields mine after  flash floods hit the area, flooding the shafts they were in.
The four are in the second shaft of the mine.
To date eight people  who had been trapped in the first shaft  have been rescued alive while 24 had died.
Speaking at the post cabinet briefing, Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando said the four are trapped between level three and level four.
“The next shaft which we are working on, there are reported four people who are trapped inside and it is a much bigger shaft and the dewatering process is underway.
“The four are trapped in level three, level four which is about 100 metres from the surface and we expect that there can be some feedback tomorrow,” he said.
He said government has managed to contain the situation.
“Yes, government has managed to contain the situation. As you may be aware, the accident happened in two shafts which were near each other.
“In the first shaft, the dewatering exercise was completed yesterday so the rescue efforts managed to get to the end of the mine, the deepest point of the mine and there was a sweep of the area in the deepest point to check whether there are any bodies.
“They confirmed that there were no more bodies whilst it was being done, by the time we were doing that we had really tallied the 32 people who had been initially missing and who had been confirmed had gone into the mine,” Minister Chitando said.
He said government could not take anything for granted hence decided to reach the deepest point.
 “The rescue effort managed to get eight people who survived in the unfortunate accident and 24 did not make it but we could not take anything for granted in terms of the rescue efforts so we continued heading up to the deepest point in the shaft and had a sweep at that point and got satisfied that as far as that shaft is concerned we had managed to contain the situation,” he said.
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