4 policemen arrested for beating up robber, in court for assault

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has lost its bid to overturn a police ban on a planned nationwide protest

Harare – Four police officers who assaulted a suspected robber before detaining him without following the law,  have been dragged to court over assault charges.

Robson Pumero alleges that he was assaulted by drunk police officers in 2017  and his leg was broken.

Pumero dragged the gang of four officers to the High Court in 2018 and an order for $17 172.18 to be paid as compensation for damages, shock, pain and suffering and a High Court ruling was made in his favour.

The overzealous officers, George Pukayi, Officer Gwasunda, Officer Matenga and Officer Bhunu of CID Marlborough are appearing before Harare magistrate Tracy Muzondwa to answer to the charges of assault.

It is alleged that they detained Pumero in September 2017 alleging that he had played a role in the robberies committed by his former neighbour.

The officers who were drinking assaulted Pumero with beer and soft drink bottles on his hands, shoulders, ankles and knees. They then transported him to the police station where they continued assaulting him using a baton stick with a metal handle until he could not walk.

Pumero was then released after two days from the police cells with no charges leveled against him.