Mnangagwa promises crackdown on lawyers, doctors


Mwenezi – President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said all doctors and lawyers who represented and treated people who participated in last month’s violent protests will be dealt with.

Speaking at a Thank You rally in Mwenezi, Mnangagwa said police was now going after the doctors and lawyers.

“In places like Bulawayo, they were moving around telling people to go and engage in violence. They told them that if anyone gets arrested, they should go to a certain place; they are lawyers waiting to defend them. If anyone gets hurt, they should go to a certain place, there are doctors waiting to treat them,” Mnangagwa said

“We are now going after those doctors who were involved in those activities. Those lawyers that were inciting violence, we are now going after them so those who choose violence, we are prepared,” he said.

Last month the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) called for a three day stay away after Mnangagwa had increased the price of fuel by at least 150%.

The stay away turned violent as the army was unleashed on civilians resulting in the death of 16 people according to human rights groups and more than 1000 people arrested.

The Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights and the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights were at the fore-front providing assistance to victims of military brutality as many were left with gun wounds and injuries while some are still before the courts facing allegations of violence.

Mnangagwa said the MDC was planning another round of protest saying his regime wull not allow such to happen.

 “We have information that they are planning another disturbance. Let me tell the nation that those who want to join them, go ahead and those who do not want, I advise you to stay in your homes because we are going to deal with those who want violence,” Mnangagwa warned

He said villagers should inform their leaders if they see a stranger in their communities.

“In this village, you know each other, in this district, you know each other. If anyone that you do not know comes, tell your leader. Tell your headman that there is a visitor so that we can know why they visited. Whether they come in the night or during the day, your leaders should know that there is a visitor,” he said.

“That is peace keeping, if you let strangers come here, they will disturb your peace. We must be clever because our enemies are not resting, they are fighting us,” he said.

He said the Western countries of trying to effect regime change   through the opposition and the non-governmental organisations.

“Those who we fought during the liberation struggle, the whites, they are still fighting so they can claim power again. They have certain people and organisations they are working with. Those groups and individuals are moving around the country influencing and leading people to be violent.”

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