Hospital denies claims victims were abducted by security forces

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Harare – Harare Central Hospital has refuted claims that there were some of their patients taken by security forces in the aftermath of the January 14 violence.

In a statement, the hospital challenged anyone to bring forward the evidence of such an occurrence.

“We have been alerted of information circulating online that patients from Harare Central Hospital were taken by security forces on 22 January 2019.

“We wish to notify the public that no such activity happened at Harare Central Hospital and if there is anyone who claims as such, we invite them to come forward and present their supporting documents for the patients taken,” the hospital said.

“We reiterate that Harare Central Hospital is open to all citizens and does not discriminate,” the statement read as it ended.

Local media had claimed that there are patients who were forcibly taken from hospital against doctors recommendations.

Harare hospital released this statement seeking to distance itself from such reports.

The past few weeks in Zimbabwe have been awash with gruesome narratives of the crackdown by security forces on citizens responding to the January 14 violence.

There has been a fair share of unauthenticated news in circulation and entities implicated have been coming out distancing themselves from some claims made and Harare hospital is the latest.