ZRP to be renamed as Cabinet approves Police Act Ammendment

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has lost its bid to overturn a police ban on a planned nationwide protest
Harare – Cabinet has resolved to amend the Police Act in a move that will see the police force changing its name to police service, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Monica Mutsvangwa has said.

Addressing journalists at a post cabinet briefing, Mutsvangwa said the bill will now be drafted.

“Following presentation by the minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage of the principles for the amendment of the Police Act to align it with the Zimbabwe constitution, cabinet approved the principles, thereby paving way for the drafting of the actual bill,” Mutsvangwa said.

Speaking at the same occasion Home Affairs and International Trade minister Sibusiso Moyo said the president wants all laws to be amended or repealed.

“The cabinet approved or gave a go ahead to amend the Police Act, as you know we are in the new dispensation.

“It has taken a long time since the new constitution came around so the President wants all the laws to be amended, changed or repealed according to the requirements which are in the constitution.

“The Police Act as it is, the whole idea is to make sure that the administration of police,” he said.

He said instead of being a police force, ZRP was going to be called the police service.

“The establishment of police services versus the name itself instead of being a police force, it becomes a police service.

“The role of the Zimbabwe Police Service Commission has to be streamlined as to what the constitution says.

“The role of the minister and the role of His Excellency himself, it is really mainly administrative to align the old act in terms of administration and the establishment of the police force of Zimbabwe.

“The amendment of the Police Act is very administrative, who should for instance appoint or promote police officers, is it the commissioner general of police or is it the minister or is it the Police Service Commission so in one act it talks of the Police Commissioner general doing the job and in another act it talks about the Zimbabwe Police Commission so these are marely administrative issues,” Moyo said.