Mliswa in another HIV storm


Harare – Norton MP Temba Mliswa who was a victim of an HIV spreading rumour last year has sensationally accused Zanu PF MP for Chiredzi Roy Bhila of being HIV positive and ‘not taking’ his anti-retro viral drugs.

This was after the Zanu PF legislator had said those implicated in the $400 000 corruption scandal should recuse themselves from Mines and Mining Parliamentary portfolio Committee until they are cleared.

Mliswa was forced to take a public HIV test in Harare to fend off claims made on various social media platforms that he was infecting school children with HIV.

Speaking at the time, Mliswa claimed Zimbabwe had problems with stigmatisation of people living with HIV, and complained that actions by the faceless social media characters had an effect of making it seem as if those who had HIV needed to be ashamed.

But Mliswa appears to have changed stance.

The altercation happened Monday morning when the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation was summoned to give evidence t on the progress made in the implementation of bilateral agreements on gold and chrome, and the finalization of diamond policy.

Mliswa said this was part of an agenda to embarrass him saying it was his decision to step aside from chairing the committee.

“Honourable chair the honourable member is out of order, I am still a member of the house of assembly, and it was within my own integrity and conscience to step aside.

“You did not take your ARVs, you need to take your ARVs and I think it is now knocking your head,” Mliswa alleged

“I could have chaired, I think you are now going beyond a point which is not yours, I am a member of parliament and as such I can participate in any activity of parliament,” Mliswa said

“As a member of the SRC,(Standing rules and orders committee)  you must behave yourself, you are a bad member of SRC, and I do not know where Zanu PF got you from,”

“You must behave yourself, they were wrong to appoint you, he is very silly to talk about an issue which he knows he is not parliament, and parliament is headed by the speaker.

“You are a member of the SRC, you must read these rules and understand them, and you do expose your party. You think you are the only ones capable of causing commotion in this house, we equally can do the same,” Mliswa said.

Bhila said Mliswa and three other MPs should recuse themselves in order to save the image of the parliament as well as their image.

“Sorry chair point of order, following the ruling which was given by the speaker (Jacob Mudenda) on the 7th of February 2019 that they will set up an investigation committee on the then chairperson of the committee, Mines and Mining Development Honourable Mliswa and his response which was clear that he is a man of integrity and honour.

“I feel that at this moment in time the then chairman and those three members who were implicated of this committee on the allegations of corruption as per the resolution made by the then chair that he was going to recuse himself I think that should also apply to this committee to save the integrity and the image of this committee together with their image as well and the image of the parliament of Zimbabwe.

“I therefore propose that the then chair Honourable Mliswa, Honourable Leonard Chikomba and Prince Sibanda as well as Anele Ndebele should recuse themselves, however I am not saying they are guilty,” Bhila said attracting Mliswa’s response to suggest that the MP had skipped his ARV medication.

This comes after Mliswa took to twitter accusing Vice President Kembo Mohadi of corruption saying he was prepared to appear in courts to defend his position.

Last week Mliswa was accused of demanding a $400,000 bribe from James Ross Goddard of JRG Contracting (Pvt) Ltd as facilitation fee.

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