Nurses, Govt hit deadlock


Harare – Talks between government and nurses ended in a deadlock after the state represented a proposal to increase salaries which was less than what workers want.

According to a circular from the Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) stated that the health workers want a salary increment which would see a lowest paid nurse getting $1800 from the current $500 but government said it could only offer up to 32% pay rise for a junior nurse. 

“We demanded a minimum wage of $1800 for the lowest paid worker and Government as usual come up with a poultry increment of  32 % for Junior nurses , 31.5 % for matrons  27 % for PNGs and 0% for the F Grade with the effect April 2019 and we rejected offer as it falls far short of our demands” read a statement from ZINA.

The nurses  also asked for the flexibility of the working hours to create a favourable working condition for their members.

The association also said that they are also disappointed by the failure of the government to allow them to get duty free vehicles.

“We agreed that all nurses should not work for not more than 3 days a week since most of our members are meeting the 150 hour threshold set by the employer and it is against this background that we encourage all  nursing managers at all nursing management levels to implement the flexible working hours.

“We are disappointed that the funds for vehicle loan was not disbursed to CMED and government promised us that it will be deposited into CMED account next week”, said  ZINA

They also discussed the issue of vehicle duty free certificates. 

“The issue is being handled by Ministry of Finance and ZIMRA to come up with the necessary draft Statutory Instrument which will be forwarded to AGs Office,” ZINA added. 

This comes as teachers are on  strike after failing to agree on the pay rise as they also demanded $1800 while government only offered 18%.

In December junior doctors were on strike demanding to be paid in hard currency and the industrial action had to end after government said it would look into their welfare starting April .

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