Govt has let us down on Mushikashika – City Council


Harare – Harare City Council says government has let them down by not giving the city arresting powers and establish municipal courts so that it could deal with the menace characterising the capital.

Addressing a pass out parade of municipal police officers who underwent a six months training course, mayor Herber Gomba said the city needs arresting powers if order was to be maintained in Harare.

“We  however continue to push for the granting of arresting powers and establishment of Municipal Courts for the speedy resolution of any Municipal related crimes and  misunderstandings,” Gomba said.

At the moment, municipal officers have to depend on the Zimbabwe Republic Police to enforce city by-laws and this has exposed council to uncontrolled vending and traffic mismanagement.

Gomba said the city seeks to create an  enabling environment for investors and this could be achieved if council was to punish offenders on own.Gomba said the city seeks to improve its recruitment policy by affording more woman an oppotunuty to join the local authority.

At the parade  741 public safety officers, 430 were  male and  311 were female officers.

“This brigade is part of our roadmap to a World Class  City by 2025. The officers will complement the efforts of their seniors in observing and ensuring legal trading and trafficking within the city,” said Gomba.

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