Talking to Mnangagwa is useless says Chamisa


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has said the dialogue that was called for by President Emmerson Mnangagwa will not yield anything as he was the one who challenged the 2018 election results.

Chamisa said for dialogue to take place there should be a credible mediator.

“So until that issue is resolved, it becomes difficult for us to move things forward, I would not come here and lie to bishops, I would not come here to lie before God, that that issue has been resolved.

“Someone might say Chamisa why didn’t you go to statehouse yesterday, for a good reason, if we are to dialogue; we need a credible, respectable mediator and convenor.

“There can be dialogue by any other parties, that dialogue will not resolve our issues because it is a matter of what is the dispute, the dispute is the electoral result that was disputed.

“That electoral result that was disputed was not disputed by some of the political parties that are in agreement with President Mnangagwa, I disagree with President Mnangagwa and when I come here I do not represent myself,”
he said.

He said politicians were the source of the country’s problems.

“I realise that my opposite member is not here, President ED Mnangagwa whom I contested in the previous election.

“I do not believe that it is possible for us to exhaustively and thoroughly deal with these issues in his absence because I would have wanted to say what I am saying in his presence but because he is not here, in honour of the bishops here present, the prophets, the seers, members of the clergy, the various bodies that represent our churches I will have to say my peace.

“This is a very important platform, it is God sent, it is God’s provision.

“We as politicians are the source of the agony of our land, why do I say so, it should not be difficult for me to sit with President Mnangagwa and I am saying President not because our dispute has been resolved, he is president of his organisation, I am president of my organisation,
” he said.

Chamisa refused to attend yesterday’s inaugural dialogue meeting that had been called for by at state house Mnangagwa before the conditions that he set had been met.

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