NPF joins MDC Alliance in rejecting dialogue


Harare – National Patriotic Front (NPF) has joined the MDC Alliance in rejecting dialogue citing that President Mnangagwa’s call for dialogue was not genuine.

In a statement, NPF Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire said Zanu pf was a rogue regime.

“NPF demands genuine dialogue, says no to nocturnal talks called by the rogue regime. We believe that genuine dialogue that will restore constitutionalism, security of citizens and the dignity as a party, our Deputy National Commissar, Jim Kunaka and our Mashonaland Central Chairperson, Dickson Mafias,  are languishing in prison  as political prisoners,  among others”

“Several other high-ranking officials have skipped the country’s  borders, running  away  from  alleged  state  security  agents  hunting them  as  if they  are  common criminals.

“In light of our current circumstances, we believe,  as a party, that dialogue aimed at extricating our country from the current mess should be convened, facilitated and guaranteed  by an international body given  powers  to superintend over the implementation of any agreement (s) that would come from therein,” Mawarire said.

He said the country was in need of a dialogue as it is facing a political crisis. 

“We  note,  and  condemn,  efforts  at  hoodwinking  Zimbabweans  and  the  international community  that  Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa  is pulling,  through calling for nocturnal ‘dialogue’ at his state residence where those supposed to dialogue will be surrounded by members of the presidential guard, which stands accused, by the Kgalema Motlanthe Commission, of butchering civilians on the 1s1 of August 2018 in front of international media cameras. 

We believe our country  needs  dialogue  and we are amenable  to genuine  talks aimed  at solving the crises bedeviling our country, but we refuse to be party to a charade  being organized by Mr Mnangagwa to preempt efforts being made to ensure genuine talks aimed at resolving our problems are set in motion.

“Harare-06 February 2019-The National Patriotic Front (NPF), a political party represented in the 9th parliament of the Republic of Zimbabwe, wishes to state clearly that our country is at crossroads and in need of dialogue among its citizens.

“We  believe  that  we  are  facing  political,  economic,  social  and  constitutional crises  emanating  from  the November 2017 coup, a stolen election in July 2018 as well as rampant corruption spearheaded  by a rogue and illegitimate regime presiding over the state and government,” he said.

Mawarire said country is polarised, wounded and emotionally at sea, and there was need for a mediator in the dialogue process. 

“The  crises  are  manifesting   in  poor  living  conditions,  collapse  of every  service  sector,  dilapidation  of infrastructure, insecurity of the person, the free-fall of our economy and spontaneous demonstrations by an impoverished citizenry yearning for a way out of the economic arroyo we are buried in.

“The  situation  has  not  been  helped  by  the  state’s  response  to  the  demonstrations. On  top  of  economic hardships, our people are  reeling  under state-sanctioned brutalities, including, but not limited to,  raping  of women  by alleged state actors, cold-blooded  murder of civilians by the army, abductions, organised beatings, and arbitrary arrests among other forms of violence against citizens.

“Our country is polarised, deeply wounded and emotionally at sea, there is no chance, even in heaven, that we can find  each  other without the help of our  neighbours, African brothers  and the international community. SADC, the AU  and the rest of the international community  are very invaluable in convening  and facilitating genuine talks if we are going to get a lasting solution to our current problems,” he said.

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