The Twitter is mine- Mnangagwa


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has on Wednesday cleared the air on  who runs his official Twitter account after members of his communication department were throwing brickbats at each other confusing citizens.

“The Twitter account is mine and every information on that handle is a reflection of my sentiments and opinion ,” said Mnangagwa.

He said he  is surprised that citizens would be confused as to whose account it is when he clearly made it clear earlier when he first opened the account.

The communications department is comprised of the minister Monica Mutsvangwa, her deputy Energy Mutodi, permanent secretary Nick Mangwana and Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and cabinet,  George Charamba, who doubles as the presidential spokesperson.

In January,  Mnangagwa posted a video drop in which he declared that he was solely responsible for all the information posted on his official Twitter handle and it was his opinion.
Charamba then came out guns blazing saying citizens must not listen to or take the Tweets on Mnangagwa’s handle seriously as the messages do not portray a genuine or a reflection of the president’s opinions.

The Ministry of Information then publicly declared that the messages on Mnangagwa’s Twitter handle were genuine and citizens must treat them as such.
On Monday, Mutodi then dismissed the authenticity of messages and information disseminated on the Twitter handle.

He said the communication on that handle was not a true reflection of  Mnangagwa’s opinions adding that when the president speaks he does so through Charamba.

Mnangagwa’s submissions put to rest the drama that was playing out in his communications department.

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