Details: Prophet Bushiri detention and police asking for R10 million bribe?

Prophet Bushiri and wife were picked by police this morning for questioning over allegations of money laundering

Pretoria – Enlightened Christian Gathering leader Prophet Bushiri and his wife Prophetess Shepherd Bushiri have been detained by South African authorities who claim that $1 million USD was exchanged illegally in 2015.

Members of the HAWKS stormed the Sparkling Waters Hotel in Rustenburg early in the morning. They handcuffed the Prophet together with his wife and took them to the HAWKS offices in Silverton, Pretoria.

As he was there, the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) ruled that the Prophet was not to blame for the 28 December stampede that led to the death of three people in Pretoria.

The Commission also ruled that the Church had been unfairly targeted and treated.

In 2018, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri opened a case of extortion against police who were demanding R10m from him to make his allegedly concocted cases disappear, including this one they have now detained him for.

According to a Sunday World report, the corrupt cops, who include a top Gauteng police officer, demanded R10m from Bushiri in exchange for squashing all made up cases against him.

When Bushiri refused to co-operate and demanded his day in court, they reduced the amount to R5m. The amount was further decreased to R1m when the charismatic Bible-puncher still wouldn’t budge.

The cops harassed the prophet afterwards and flagged his passport and even flew to his Pretoria church in a helicopter and threatened to arrest him on the pulpit before his millions of congregants.

As recently as Monday, some police officers had allegedly demanded to stop the arrest but the Prophet resisted.

According to sources close the church, Bushiri was arrested by white police officers only who kept on asking him why he owns a private jet.

A statement by the HAWKS says they will appear in court on Monday.

ECG spokespersons Ephraim Nyondo, Terrance Baloyi and Maynard Manyowa were unreachable for comment.