Bulaway kombis reduces fares…after govt avails 77 buses

Commuter Omnibuses in Bulawayo have reduced fares.

Bulawayo- COMMUTER omnibus operators in Bulawayo have reduce Kombi fares across city routes to $1 from $1, 50.

The resolution comes after the government availed a total of 77 buses in the city on Wednesday in a bid to ease the transport problem which was birthed by a massive increase in fuel price of more than 100 percent.

The price of petrol rose to $3,31 per litre from $1,34 and diesel went up to $3,11 per litre from $1,49 three weeks ago.

Bulawayo Public transport association Director of Administration, Keeper Ndlovu said they were adhering to the gazetted fare of $1 for zero to 10 kilometers per route and most of their routes are under 10 kilometers.

“We are working on the stipulations of charging $1 for our zero to 10 kilometer routes and most of our routes are less than 10 kilometers. If one charges above that then they are overzealous,” he said.

Ndlovu welcomed the reintroduction of ZUPCO buses in the city routes.

“We welcome ZUPCO back, we have worked together well in the past and we are ready to work again. This means more transport for the public and good and healthy competition, for us BUPTA we will give our best for our customers- so the public is the biggest winner at the end of the day,” said Ndlovu.

ZUPCO Acting Chief executive officer Evaristo Madangwa said they had partnered with private operators to curb the transport problem.

“We have partnered private operators to help solve the transport problem that we have now, we want the public to be transported to and from work every day with no hassles. The buses will be operate in the every city routes charging $1 per trip for areas below 20 kilometers and I don’t think we have routes that are above 20 kilometers,”said Madangwa.