British, Indian nationals deported in illegal immigrants’ clampdown

Imagine, these people reported for the recruitment process in the morning and you know how food is expensive at the airport and we are talking of jobless people who are looking for security guard positions.
British and Indian nationals were deported in the illegal immigrants clampdown

THE Immigration Department has deported two British nationals who were found guilty by a Harare magistrate court of staying beyond the stipulated time limits set under the Immigration Act, the Mail & Telegraph can reveal.

Mark Julian Pattle and Nicholas Bailey were arrested and charged with contravening Section 29 (1) (a) of the Immigration Act.

This comes amid renewed clampdown efforts on illegal immigrants continues following the relaxation of visa requirements in February 2018.

“The pair were convicted and sentenced to a fine of $100 or 15 days’ imprisonment each. They have since been deported,” Immigration Department public relations officer Canisia Magaya said.

Elsewhere, the Immigration department instigated the arrest of our foreign nationals during the first week of 2019 for contravening the Immigration Act.

“The four who comprise of two Indian and two British nationals were picked up for crimes of violation of visitor entry conditions and staying in the country illegally,”Magaya said.

Shashi Kumar Hassan Shivaraj and Yadav Sadev Lathu both Indian nationals, were apprehended at a food joint at Marimba Shops in Belvedere.

Shashi Kumar Hassan Shivaraj was allegedly engaged in gainful employment at the restaurant in violation of his holiday visa, the Immigration department said.

“Although claiming to be in the country for purposes of establishing a business, Yadav Sadev Lathu could not substantiate the investment claims. The Indian was suspected to have been abusing his entry visas to engage in illegal business activities from July to December 2018 as his passport shows a record of four entries during the said period,” Magaya added.

“The Indians have been declared Prohibited Immigrants following the cancellation of their visitor entry certificates.”