Mnangagwa ally takes sanctions fight to the region

Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council patron Jimayi Muduvuri in an interview on South African television news channel where he preached the anti -sanctions gospel to the region.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s close ally and Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council patron Jimayi Muduvuri has taken the anti-sanctions crusade to the region as efforts to have illegal sanctions against the country intensify.

Muduvuri did not mince his words when he appeared on South African news channel CNBC on Wednesday.

He said churches were an apolitical body but the sanctions had a negative effect on the general populace.

In a separate interview, Muduviri said ZIDERA has an impact on the country’s economy.

“As you know ZIDERA has blocked all lines of credit and this affects government and the private sector.

“We are being placed as a high risk country and this scares away investors.If you limit  access and movement of money in and out of a country it impacts on the country’s ability to trade,” he said.

He praised Mnangagwa for his re-engagement policy which he says was the panacea to the current economic challenges which he says are a passing phase.

“Re-engagement of previously hostile nations is the way to go and the President has been executing that mission, sanctions must fall so that we can have access to lines of credit,” he said.

Muduvuri’s call for the removal of sanctions echoes South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa who also called for the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe recently.