Jah Prayzah’s ‘Hail Mary’ prayer for Tuku

Jah Prayzah dropped a touching tribute to the late national hero Oliver Mtukudzi, simply titled Gamuchirai

Military Touch Movement boss Jah Prayzah (JP) on Wednesday dropped a single dedicated to the late national hero Oliver Mtukudzi.

Aptly titled ‘Gamuchirai’ (loosely translated to welcome him), the song is clear testimony that JP is a lyrical genius whose songwriting skills are beyond his age.

He makes an intercession prayer (Hail Mary) for Tuku where he pleads with Mary the mother of Jesus to welcome the late national hero.

“Hona Maria Musande gamuchirai, Hona Samanyanga igamba chengetai,kana vasvika muchamutswa nengoma zvakanaka’ he sings.

In the opening verse. JP expresses his sorrow over the death of Tuku but he accepts the demise and says it is God’s will.

“Zvakanaka, tingori varanda, kutonga kwake hakuna mupanda, Chikomo chiye chakoromoka mambo.Zvakanaka,” (It is well, its God’s will who are we to deny)” goes the first verse in an emotional tone that only the callous cannot relate to.

The production aesthetics on the song are a marvel, before he drops his first verse the Murewa bred artiste makes use of the wind instrument (trumpet) to set the tone for an emotional ride laden with deep lyrics that touches the soul and evokes fond memories of the late Tuku.

JP is the same guy who is known for his mbira and traditional sounds and of late he experimented with the violin in one of his songs .

In this case, the inclusion of some of these classical musical instruments gave him a strong edge – it worked magic such that Tuku must be smiling from his grave!

JP also acknowledges that Tuku was a fountain of wisdom who nurtured young artistes and he vows to maintain the music legacy.

“Mhuka huru tichasimudzira ndima, kana masvika motisimbisira Dhewa”  (Big man we will take over from where you left)he bellows.

Not only are the lyrics deep ,but the arrangement of the vowels and rhymes will pass like those of a poet.

JP goes further to play the ‘big brother ‘ role to the surviving Mtukudzi children and urged them to rely on divine intervention and stay united.

“Vasikana musare munyengetere , kubatana ndokwatinoda” (Girls pin your hopes in prayer and stay united),|” he advised.

Tuku is survived by four daughters Selmor, Samantha , Sandra and Sybil and JP was making reference to this bevy.

Meanwhile, JP might have been accused of causing drama at Tuku’s funeral wake (though he vehemently denied on Power FM ) but his art is way above Mukudzei the man.

Love him or hate him, this song shows that Jah Prayzah the artiste is a superstar and it only needs Mukudzei Mukombe the ordinary guy to take one or two courses in ‘celebrity etiquette’ and ‘ubuntuism’ to complete the total package.

In a nut shell, the song Gamuchirai is a gem with a great potential to be welcomed by Zimbabweans from all walks of life!