Mnangagwa’s reign will not last until 2023, warns Daniel Shumba


MASVINGO— The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) president Daniel Shumba has warned that President Mnangagwa’s reign will not last until 2023 elections owing to widespread disgruntlement from opposition and within Zanu PF over the deteriorating economy.

Zimbabwe has been faced by another legitimacy crisis after the disputed July 30, 2018 harmonised elections which saw Mnangagwa edging MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa by a water thin margin.

Since then, the economy has attained terminal velocity in its gravity accelerated freefall with no sign of bailout in the horizon.

Shumba said trouble is brewing in paradise and Mnangagwa will be lucky to finish this year as the President because the people are going to save their country from destruction.

“The economy will not allow Zanu PF to remain in power. You seem not to appreciate how deep the Zimbabwe crisis is or how it affects the governance of the country.

“The people have suffered and have shown Mnangagwa that they have had enough. The people will rise up and save this country from the destruction course it has taken.

“The country will not die because there are people who will stand up and save it. The crisis is real and Zanu PF better realise that the people are fed up,” said Shumba.

The former Zanu PF politburo member and Masvingo urban parliamentarian was kicked out of the ruling party after the fall of the G40 faction which saw former president Robert Mugabe succumb to a military coup.

Asked on the way forward, Shumba said his party has able and sound leadership which can rescue the country from the jaws of a tiger.

“The UDA’s policies fundamentally saves Zimbabwe from the clueless Zanu PF. God has commissioned me to lead the redemption of Zimbabwe.

“We now need a new order that must begin with dialogue that is underwritten by regional and international partners with the church at the centre of the negotiations,” said Shumba.

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