#dhuku4tuku as women celebrate empowerment through music


I saw this picture and to me it meant more than a memory of Tuku. To me its a celebration of his achievements and his amazing life he shared with us.

As a woman I celebrate his songs of empowering me  singing against Domestic-Based Violence (Tozeza Baba), Advocating for property rights for women (Neria),  Speaking against Child marriage (Asati aziva & Perekedza Mwana), Celebrating women’s achievements (Shamiso  /Makorokoto) and for me my all time favorite Mbabvu Yangu a love song,  I find its lyrics to be thought provoking and powerful. Love that sees beyond assets, looks and environment. Unconditional love.

To mention a few songs

To me Tuku represented a possibility for African Women to move out of our patriarchal shells but be still proud African women of different shades, races and ethnicity. Dhuku to our African society is a symbol of respect and honor. Women wear Dhuku with pride of who we are, what we have gone through to be who we are, some see a Dhuku to women as a way of controlling women by covering their head.

I say a dhuku is a crown that we put on our heads to celebrate Being Proud, Strong, Intelligent, Beautiful African Women who wear scars and pains with Virtue. Our struggle continues but we will not be silenced.

So Friday 25 January I call upon every woman to wear a Dhuku, put on your Crown as we celebrate an Icon who stood with us during our struggles and motivated us through His beautiful music.



Tadiwanashe Burukai

A free Lance writer for Khulumaafrika.com

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