Dialogue must be sincere, genuine- Chamisa


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has emphasized the need of sincerity and genuity in dialogue between his party and the ruling ZANU PF to put heads together and solve the current crisis bedevilling the nation.

In an exclusive interview with the Mail and Telegraph on Tuesday, Chamisa renewed hopes for dialogue but insisted that President Emmerson Mnangagwa must engage in talks to give Zimbabwe a new chance.

“If we enter into a dialogue, it needs to be sincere and genuine so that we solve the problems we are facing as a nation.

“The nation needs grace and divine providence to heal the past wounds and current pain and to avoid such infections and commissions.

“Leaders must bury their pride and arrogance to give Zimbabwe a chance to have a beautiful country once again,” said Chamisa.

He said calling for dialogue is not a sign of weakness but its actually a sign of strength and commitment to build the country which is teetering on the brink of collapse with runaway inflation and abnormal prices of basic commodities.

“Dialogue is not out of weakness but strength. Those people who are strong engage in dialogue and the weak are those cowards who unleash violence. We need dialogue to save lives and avert its loss,” said Chamisa while distancing himself or his party for the violent demonstrations that rocked the country last week.

Chamisa’s sentiments follow Mnangagwa ‘s call for dialogue following the violent demos that paralysed the country while he was away on a state visit.

Mnangagwa vowed that heads will roll to all those found wanting within the security sector and bemoaned the violent behaviour exhibited by protestors last week.

Lately both Chamisa and Mnangagwa have been displaying willingness to engage in dialogue for national development. However, there seems to be some sticking issues that’s delaying the dialogue which many political analysts regard as the panacea to the current challenges facing the country at large.

On his Twitter account Chamisa said :

“In order for one to dialogue, one’s tongue must be free to talk, the tongues of the nation are tied in jails and others by fear.This must end.”

Meanwhile, self exiled politician and G40 kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo has lashed out at Mnangagwa for announcing calls for dialogue on social media.

Moyo has been seeking relevance on the local political space at any given opportunity.

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