Deputy minister Chasi takes bus project to Bulawayo


Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Fortune Chasi has said that the introduction of buses to curb high transport charges this week in Harare is a measure which is going to be in place for a long time and will spread to Bulawayo where government will introduce buses for the same reason.

This measure saw commuter omnibus operators yesterday reducing their fares following government’s introduction of buses which are being coordinated by the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) after commuters lamented over the exorbitant charges by kombi operators.  

In an interview with Mail and Telegraph, Chasi said he will be attending a meeting in Bulawayo this week where the introduction of buses will be the centre of the discussion.

“Introduction of buses in Harare has reduced high kombi fares around the city with longer distances like Chitungwiza costing $1.50 from  $6 . “After this success in Harare, I will be heading to Bulawayo to meet public transport operators to make sure that the same happens there,” he said.

Chasi also assured members of the public  that the measures were not temporary.

“The introduction of buses in cities is not just a temporary measure. It is a measure which is here to stay up until everything comes back to normal,” he said.

Commuter Omnibus operators illegally hiked fares after the announcement of the fuel price increase.

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