#ShutDownZim2019: Zanu PF youths hunt down Masvingo ring leaders


MASVINGO—The Zimbabwe National Youth Service Graduates Association (ZNYSGA) popularly known as green bombers have launched a manhunt for all the ring leaders of the last week’s national shutdown which saw the whole city closed and roads blocked by burning tires and stones.

The youths stormed the offices of the Community Tolerance, Reconciliation and Development (Cotrad), a civil society organisation, accusing them of mobilising people to revolt against the President Mnangagwa administration.

ZNYSGA says that it has evidence against all the ring leaders of the shutdown in Masvingo and will not rest until they are all brought to book.

ZNYSGA national public relations officer Tariro Bwerinofa said they will work with the police to make sure that they bring all hooligans to justice.

“As the national youth service, we will not watch hooliganism gain ground in our country. We will take a stand and make sure that they face justice.

“We will work with the police as we hunt down all the culprits because we have evidence and our intelligence reported that the Cotrad people were busy mobilising people telling them to block roads and burn tires.

“We know that they have been using their car to carry the tires which were later burnt in the middle of our roads blocking free movement of cars,” said Bwerinofa.

Seven Cotrad members were last week arrested after the green bombers surrounded their offices before calling the police who took them to Masvingo Central Police Station where they were detained and later on released after the charges against them could not stick.

The police also impounded the Cotrad truck which was released after three days.

In a statement, Cotrad confirmed the arrests of its seven secretariat members and called on the government to exercise restraint while dealing with unarmed civilians.

“No charges were laid against our seven secretariat members who were arrested. We call on government to exercise restraint when dealing with unarmed civilians.

“Cotrad encourages the citizens of Zimbabwe to remain calm and peaceful during this period,” said Cotrad.

No violent clashes were reported in the province but a number of people were arrested for blocking roads.

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