Army crackdown: MDC Alliance councillor skips to SA



MASVINGO— MDC Alliance ward 4 councilor Godfrey Kurauone has skipped the country to neighbouring South Africa seeking refuge after receiving numerous death threats as the state launches a crackdown on all suspected last week’s national shutdown leaders.

Kurauone said that there has been an attempt by soldiers and state security agents to capture him for mobilising people to stay away from work and engage in acts of hooliganism

“I have decided to run away for my safety because I would rather be safe than sorry. I do not know why they are targeting me because I never mobilised anyone. The people of Zimbabwe are not children who needs mobilisation.

“They can think for themselves and act upon their own will so to say Kurauone mobilised people boggles the mind. But the situation in the country is scary and you may be lucky to be given time to explain.

“If it was the police looking for me I would not have run because they enforce the law. I have my friends who warned me that even some Zanu PF members wanted to beat me up.

“I am safely in South Africa now and will return home soon once the dust settles,” said Kurauone.

The Mandela—Washington fellowship alumni said he will not be broken by the threats and will keep on fighting until the day freedom is achieved in Zimbabwe.

The MDC Alliance has distanced itself from the last week’s national shutdown which claimed 12 lives and destruction of property.

Meanwhile, three MDC Alliance activists were released on bail in Zaka after they were arrested for blocking roads during the shutdown and will appear back in court on January 28.

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