Retailers in lukewarm response to fuel price hike


After President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced new fuel prices on Saturday , kombi fares have doubled normal charges per trip while the price of basic commodities in retail shops have not seen an significant change.

In other areas like Chitungwiza, fares hiked to $6 per trip to Harare.

In  a snap survey by this publication in big retail outlets around the capital prices of basic commodities like bread, cooking oil and flour remained unchanged.

Many Zimbabweans assumed that with the new fuel prices, shops were going to charge astronomical prices on basic commodities.

Bread has remained at $1.40 in retail shops while 2 litres of cooking oil is still being sold at $7 at the outlets we visited.

The forex black market rate has also not changed with rates ranging between $320 to $350 for an RTGS transfer.

However, this Monday morning citizens have responded to a call made by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union and social movements to embark on a three-day long stay away.

This has seen chaos reigning supreme countrywide with protestors in some areas getting violent resulting in riot police intervention.

Petrol is now costing $3.31 while diesel is costing $3.11 a litre.