No policy on USD fuel sales

The fuel price hike seem not to have affected the price of most basic commodities.

Government has no  policy allowing petrol stations to sell fuel in United States dollars, the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting‏ has said.

The ministry also said government had no rationing system but retailers suggested limiting the amount of fuel sold to  one person.

“There is no government policy allowing all petrol stations to sell fuel in USD only. “Cabinet has not approved such an arrangement. Fuel stations are advised to limit the number of cars on the forecourt at any one time so as to avoid a disaster in case of a fire.

“Government does not have a fuel rationing system, however fuel retailers have suggested limiting the amount one person can buy in order not to run out after only serving a few customers. This is the retailers’ efforts to be fair and to ensure ensure equitable access to the commodity,” the ministry said.

This comes as many garages are now charging between USD$1.15 to USD $1.30 per litre.

Investigations by the Mail and Telegraph show that government has been disbursing $50 million for fuel per week through the RBZ.

Since November 2018, Zimbabwe has been experiencing massive fuel shortages due to shortage of foreign currency.

Several businesses and government departments have been affected with the Harare City Council announcing that their refuse trucks had exhausted their fuel allocation and were now grounded.

The situation has also seen ambulances being grounded.