Mnangagwa sets conditions for dialogue

Impeccable sources have told this publication that President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to publicly apologise for insulting him in the pre-election and after election period and publicly acknowledge that he is a legitimate president as conditions for dialogue.Any possible talks that might happen should take place within these conditions, it was revealed.Chamisa has not categorically watered down the proposal but according to the source, hardliners in MDC Alliance are completely against that line of proposal.However, our source added that  Mnangagwa acknowledges that the elections were disputed but the highest court of the land, the Constitutional Court  legitimised the elections.“Mnangagwa acknowledges that the elections were disputed but the Concourt ruling gave legitimacy and interestingly,  it was Chamisa who is the one who approached the courts and he has to respect the law,” submitted our source.Chamisa reportedly blocked all demonstrations meant to put pressure on President Mnangagwa’s government to give way for dialogue.This was after some of his close followers wanted to stage demos and protests taking advantage  of the ‘already available’ crowds in fuel queues.Several political analysts have submitted that dialogue is the way to go to solve the current economic crisis which has a ‘sabotage’ hand very visible.