Drug mule to be sentenced

A Harare man who was implicated in participation in the #Shutdownzim demos has been set free by the court.

South African based Zimbabwean woman who was arrested while trying to smuggle drugs worth over US$20 000 at the Robert Mugabe International Airport will tomorrow know her fate before a Harare Magistrate.

Judith Munemo (31), was arrested upon arrival following a tip-off by some unknown persons. She appeared before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye facing charges of contravening the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act and she pleaded guilt to the charges.

On her initial appearance before the same, Munemo begged the court’s mercy saying poverty had caused her to break the law.

“I plead guilty to the charges,” she said.

I did not know what I was doing was unlawful. It was out of ignorance, but I badly needed to raise money for my livelihood. I was going to hand over the drug to someone and I was only going to get $US2 000 after it was sold.”

It is the State’s case that on new year’s, detectives from CID drugs and Narcotics Harare, received a tip-off to the effect that Munemo was aboard an Ethiopian Air flight ET 863 from India and was in possession of Ephedrine.

Detectives went to the airport and managed to identify her while collecting her luggage comprising of a brown bag and a monarch bag.

Court further heard she took the green route used by passengers who have nothing to declare.

She was intercepted at the exit and was searched to find 18 x 500 gram tins containing ephedrine.

She is currently in custody.

The drug is valued at US$27, 018.