Bushiri spokesman Maynard Manyowa clears air over church stampede that killed 3 people


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri spokesperson Maynard Manyowa cleared the air over the church stampede that killed three people at the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church on December 28 2018.

This comes at a time when a wave has already breaking social media with the hashtag “IamStandingWithMajor1” as various men and women of the cloth express their solidarity with Bushiri following burning of tyres and chants of war songs by a group called South Africa National Civic Organisation (SANCO).
Many of his followers and ordinary South Africans have stood in solidarity with the charismatic Prophet. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were awash with comments against SANCO who many have now tamed a “Xenophobic group”. This follows after prominent prophets and pastors across the globe including Pastor Chris, Uebert Angel, T.D. Jakes and many more have pledged their full support for the Malawian born cleric.  In an interview with the South African Broadcasting Cooperation’s SABC, Manyowa said those 12  people who protested soon after the stampede “were attempting to push carefully orchestrated mischief.”
“The levels of support have been immense. It is quite clear that only a handful if not a dozen people were attempting to push carefully orchestrated mischief,” Manyowa said.

“In the end, 12 protesters cannot possibly be greater than 35 million supporters. The prophet appreciates the support, but he was never really deeply moved. For him this is not about him but about doing God’s work. He is not worried about being attacked. He is focused on going out and winning more souls.” 
“As you know, last year alone he managed to get 2 million converts. His global tour managed to get Indians, South Koreans, Japanese and Bangladesh people to convert to Christianity. 
“His vision and goal right now is to aim for those places which are not traditionally Christian and people who have never had about Jesus. These are the people he wants. He had 2 million last year, he wants 20 million this year.”

 Preliminary police reports indicate that the community assembled at the show grounds to attend Bushiri’s church service at around 8pm at hall C.According to eyewitnesses, when the rain started, the congregation started to push each other and the stampede occurred.It is believed that the stampede occurred when congregants stormed the church building to seek shelter during a thunderstorm.Meanwhile, Black First Land First has condemned the action taken by SANCO and believes it has a third hand. Its Leader, Andile Mximata gave a statement on Sunday and stated that SANCO was suffering from selective application of law:

“We have never seen such violent actions waged against white Anglican, Catholic and Dutch churches despite irrefutable evidence of sexual violence perpetrated on innocent children and women by the Clergy of white churches…” “Our people have freedom of religion and we must all respect that”, he added.

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