Bounty Lisa compilation ushers in new sound


By Tawanda Ngena

With everyone else wondering how best to kick-off the brand new year, one person that shared none of those concerns whatsoever was one of local dancehall’s leading female voices, Bounty Lisa.

The talented chanter entered the year 2019 on a high note after dropping a compilation tilted ‘Queen of Helmet’ and with it, announcing to Zimbabwe and the rest of the world a ‘new’ type of sound that she, being the main proponent, has chosen to christian ‘helmet’.

“The compilation was released onto the market on the 1st of January, it is made up of 10 tracks and 5 bonus tracks that I hope the fans will enjoy.

“There is a track called ‘Money Mind’ which is my favourite, ‘Sicker Dan Sick’ , ‘AK47’ , ‘Don’t Trust Em’, ‘Her Majesty’, ‘Level Up’, ‘Man and Hot Gyal’, to mention but a few”, said Bounty Lisa.

For the musician, ‘Helmet’ is not just another album title but also the name of a new sound that she is trying to establish.

“It is that the ‘typa’ dancehall that I do, that I enjoy and is finally being recognised in Zimbabwe as ‘Helmet’, so I decided to just do what I am good at.  Since I am a ‘queen’, I chose to call this particular collection ‘Queen of Helmet”, explained Bounty Lisa while speaking to us on the sidelines of the New Year celebrations.

Affectionately known as the ‘dancehall queen’ by her faithful followers, the singer who never seems to disappoint when it comes to dropping fresh music all year round is happy to be back in her groove, doing what she loves the most after quite a tumultuous 2018.

“What I cherish, more than anything else, is being able to work again after all the ups and downs that I’ve been through and of course the support of the fans and those around me – they are the same people that I dedicate this new collection to”, she said.

“For the rest of 2019 and beyond, I am looking forward to putting in more effort and hard work into my craft, doing international collaborations and some tours, both local and international”, added the singer .

The first single from Bounty Lisa’s compilation titled “Money Mind”, a feel good single is already making the waves and is sure to usher many a merry-maker into the New Year while keeping those feet shuffling and rumps shaking.

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