Dembare purges Sanyamandwe


Dynamos Football Club chairman Bernard Marriot has purged the club’s president Solomon Sanyamandwe for wanting to expose the rot in the club.

The Glamour boys president Sanyamandwe who had requested for a financial audit in the club in a bid to bring about transparency in the camp was yesterday served with a letter of dismissal under the guise that his position, ‘presidency’ had been dissolved.

Sanyamandwe who was poking into the heart of the rot at the club confirmed receiving the letter of dismissal saying he had indeed been served.

“I was served with the letter in question yesterday. I might have played too close to the fire because of asking for an audit of the clubs finances, they do not want to expose the club because a lot is going on in the club.

“It is very worrying that they do not want to do an audit and will fire anyone for it, the club has for a long time not had a functional bank account and it has been run as a tuckshop.”

Sources who talked to the Mail and Telegraph said Sanyamandwe had been purged because bigwigs like Kenni Mubaiwa and Philip Mugadza were behind the scenes to have him ousted as they also wanted back in the club and he was a stumbling block.

Sanyamandwe who had previously served as vice president had been appointed as club president in July last year, replacing Mubaiwa, who had stepped down because of the never-ending squabbles at the club.