Rapper embraces National clean up day

Youthful rapper Lisayi has released a song that champions the right to a clean environment.

Youthful rapper Clarence Lisayi who is known by his moniker simply Lisayi has taken heed of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call to uphold the right to an environment that is not harmful to tier health and well-being.

Lisayi has released a single titled Salisbury in which he urges citizens to keep the environment clean and he juxtaposes the current state of the environment in Harare and that of Salisbury.

He laments on how citizens are being careless and how the city fathers are not adequately solving the waste management challenges that have risen and proven to be a thorn in the flesh for Harare residents.

“I was watching the news the other day and I saw the president launching the National Clean Up day every first Friday of every month and I was touched because where I stay the city council rarely fulfil refuse collection and water is always scarce.So I decided to express my opinions via the microphone because music is the way I use to communicate.I thought of dropping this single Salisbury today on the first Friday of January to coincide with the National Clean Up day and I hope the youths will listen and implement.We need a clean environment ,” said the 19 year old rapper who is also a multimedia specialist and has worked with Star Brite as part of the production crew.

Lisayi was born and raised in Harare in a family of three him being the only boy and he had a passion of music at the tender age of 15.

“I was living with a single mother and she supported my love for music.I  recorded my first song at age 15 during the O Level break using the name Cleezy.I later went on to release a number of singles .I was inspired by Tupac Shakur,” narrated Lisayi.

In 2018, he released three singles Tamy Moyo, Standing Ovation and Never Last which he complains that never had enough airplay on local radio stations.

“The challenge is when you are a budding artist you don’t get much exposure.Its hard to get shows or getting your music played on radio .I dont want to get paid, I just want to be heard.There is a lot of unheard talent in the streets,” lamented Lisayi.

Lisayi said he is currently working on videos and in 2019 he vowed to make a major breakthrough.