Govt fires youth officers

Government has terminated contracts to some youth officers to ease pressure on the fiscus

By Nhau Mangirazi

HURUNGWE– Government has finally fired youth officers whose wage bill was becoming a burden to the fiscus, Mail and Telegraph has gathered.

According to insiders, Public Service Commission (PSC) dispatched officers last month in December and handed over termination contracts to the majority of the youth officers.

One of our sources revealed that among those targeted were those who did not have 5 Ordinary Level passes.

“In Mazowe district out of 117 officers only 31 were spared,” said another source.

“PSC officials came late in December and with a least of those affected by the retrenchment. Among these were those who did not possess Ordinary Levels.

“It has emerged that in Hurungwe district a large number were laid off.

‘At least 75 youth officers were given their termination contracts served just before Christmas holidays. They were handed over the termination contracts just before festive season,” added another source speaking on condition of anonymity.      

It is understood that after they were handed the termination contracts, they were asked to submit their dependants’ documents for severance packages that Government has promised.

It is believed that those fired did not report for duty this week when holidays were over.

The move is in sync with finance minister Prof Mthuli Ncube ‘s announcement that Government will retire national youth officers.

“Cabinet re-affirmed its decision to terminate employment contracts of 3 188 youth officers as previously resolved.

‘Drawing from the above cabinet resolutions and guidance of the Public Service Commission, Treasury proceeded to mobilise in the first instance, US$5.2 million in December 2017 towards three months’ Cash In-Lieu of Retirement Notices and in the second instance, US$17.7 million on 16 February 2018 towards the officers’ Pension benefits,” it was noted.

The 2 917 youth officers who still remain on the payroll, are being retired and the posts removed from the establishment, by end of December 2018.

The move is likely to put to rest allegations that Government was employing suspected ghost workers who were milking the national fiscus.