No salaries for healthcare workers over USD crisis


By Nhau Mangirazi

CHINHOYI– The quest by at least 2000 primary healthcare counsellors over United States dollars salaries has taken a new twist as Government reneged on paying them their December salaries following the leakages exposed by Mail and Telegraph.

Insiders revealed that the  Ministry of Health is getting Global Fund donor funds in hard currency but wiring it to employees in RTGs and when this publication exposed this rot, the workers did not get their December salaries.

As it stands this is a well-coordinated scam as many top officials are involved. Ironically, we had a surprise of signing our latest contract on 14 December 2017 although we used to do this in January of every new year. We did not get our salaries following the exposure by your newspaper of why we are not being paid in forex, they had to hold on to our salaries. They are now in a fix to give us bond or RTGs after the visit of Switzerland based donor representative and exposure by press as it is now in public domain,’ said our source.

Another source revealed that Zimbabwe National Counsellors coordinator Beatrice Dupwa is bitter following detailed investigation by Mail and Telegraph with leakages of her communication with juniors around the country.

Mrs Dupwa is not happy. In-fact she said takangwarisa kuenda ku press over our salaries meaning we are using media to expose our working conditions,’ said another source speaking on condition of anonymity.

Sources from across the country from Manicaland, Masvingo, Midlands, Matabeleland among other provinces have corroborated on these allegations.

When contacted for comment, Dupwa  declined to comment saying it was an ‘old story’.

“Let me clarify from my earlier statement as allegations are of an old story. Currently we have sorted it out, Take it from me that we are sorting them out and your sources are working on an old story,”she said.

Mail and Telegraph has it on good authority that a fact-finding mission team from Switzerland came early October 2018 over the ‘salary crisis’

“UNDP and Global Fund dispatched a delegation to Zimbabwe for verification and inquiry with Government authorities in Harare. Officials from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Ministry of Health and Child Care where they wanted to know why Global Fund supported staff are being paid by RTGS or bond notes yet UNDP (Global Fund) pays hard currency to Government,” revealed our source.

It is believed RBZ professed ignorance on how health ministry pays Global Fund supported staff.

‘Global Fund Geneva delegation was informed that Ministry of Health administers its donor funds independent of RBZ or Finance Ministry. Global Fund Geneva delegation then instructed UNDP offices to make sure all Global Fund supported staff open FCA Nostro accounts,’ said our source.

Employees were ordered to open Foreign Currency Accounts in October for USD salaries but up to now nothing has materialised.

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