Top lawyer Samukange blames hackers in ‘controversial’ cyber-romance image

Top Harare lawyer and Mudzi East MP Jonathan Samukange has apportioned blame on hackers in a cyber-romance incident in which his Facebook account solicited for the companionship of a light skinned Harare beauty Mellisa Mitchelle Choga.

The image of a man purporting to be Samukange asking Mellisa to call him when she touches down in Harare went viral last week.

It  drew several speculative comments and ‘inferences’ with some social media users suggesting that Samukange had intended to woo the young lady and sent her a direct message to the youthful lady’s inbox but he mistakenly and unknowingly posted the message on her wall which is on public domain where all her friends have access to.

Call me when you get to Harare.My number is 0772300300,” read Samukange’s post.

Samukange’s statement did not however in any way suggest that he was making any ‘courting’ moves on the belle but social media ‘jury’ had their judgement.

The social media users had their unsubstantiated assumptions.

“I know the guy, he likes young women and he usually throws parties where he invites plenty of them.On weekends he invites them by his  car sale garage where he spoils them,” submitted an anonymous social media user who made contact with this publication via our social media platform.

“Mdara varasika apa (the old man got it wrong), he thought he was inboxing lol (sic)” posted another user.

When this reporter made contact with Samukange on Monday, he distanced himself from authoring the ‘controversial’ post.

That (Facebook account) is hacked and false,” said Samukange.

Interestingly, his correct mobile number is stated in the post giving rise to speculation that if it was not him, then the hacker must be someone in his circles.

This raises concern on the rampant abuse of social media and the government is urged to intervene and put some control measures.