Government lawyers chickens out on doctors’ labour case


Government lawyers have failed to show up at the Labour Court after Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association filed a leave to appeal to the Supreme Court .

The matter was set down to December 30.

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association Lawyers were advised by the Clerk Of Court that the  Prosecutor General’s office had called and told them that they were still preparing their response.

ZHDA Lawyer Epson Matika said they filed their papers at 4:30 pm on Friday.

“ We filed our papers at 4:30 pm and they were served to the AG at 16:46.

“ We were notified of the hearing at around 6pm. When you find that you have no time to respond, you appear in court, you do not make a phone call.

“If are not in a position to appear in court or seek postponement you come and make your request before the judge, you do not call.

“ We are seeking leave to appeal to the supreme Court so we did an urgent application considering that the matter is urgent.

He said ZHDA wanted permission to appeal against the judgement of the labour court.

“If you want to appeal against a judgement of the labour court and if you want it to go to the Supreme Court; the judge who did the matter must actually grant you the permission to approach the court,  so we wanted permission to file an appeal against the judgement.

Junior   doctors downed tools on December 1 before being joined by radiographers and other senior doctors citing poor working conditions and poor remuneration .

Government issued a show cause order on doctors and the Labour court ruled in government’s favour .

The court ordered doctors to go back to work within 24 hrs but doctors defied the order resulting in government suspending over 500 doctors.

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