Cabinet reshuffle looms…as ministers get in panic mode

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to reshuffle his cabinet before the first half of January next year, the Mail and Telegraph has learnt.
The current cabinet was announced in September and is comprised of 20 members which includes military men who were in his previous cabinet and technocrats including poster boy Mthuli Ncube whose appointment made waves as he was expected to be what the doctor ordered for the ailing economy.
Impeccable sources told the Mail and Telegraph that there will not be much changes but a major shake up is expected in the ministries of Information and Energy and Power Development. ‘It is certain that the President (Mnangagwa) will reshuffle the cabinet in early January.
There has been pressure from certain quarters but the president had already hinted that he will review the cabinet based on performance thus far.The ministry of Information and that of Energy and Power Development has been giving him headaches and the two ministries are highly likely to see casualties or reassignments,’ revealed our source who spoke on condition of anonymity. The news of a cabinet reshuffles seem to have caused panic mode within members of the cabinet as accusations and counter accusations of hate and ‘professional jealousy’ have  been flying around lately. This week, deputy Information minister Energy Mutodi accused his boss Monica Mutsvangwa of plotting to oust him ‘Minister Monica Mutsvangwa is working with a rogue driver who is claiming to have been assaulted by me.She wants me fired and replaced by her loyalist,’ claimed Mutodi on micro blogging site Twitter. The Information ministry has been haunted by massive discord and mistrust as deputy minister Mutodi has been accused of fanning factionalism and overstepping his mandate. ‘Mutodi is a deputy minister and he reports to Mai Mutsvangwa (Monica) and the most powerful civil servant in that ministry is Nick Mangwana by virtue of being permanent secretary. That is the organogram but Mutodi feels isolated but in fact that is his role as deputy minister.That is why he cannot even act as minister in the absence of his boss.He must just understand his role and deliver his mandate rather than majoring in the minors,’revealed our source close to the goings on . Mutodi did not respond to questions sent to him last week by this reporter to respond on allegations of playing divisive politics.

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