The ‘human head’ killer caged……causes drama as he fakes madness

Anesu Matsika,the killer( with head bowed)who was caught with a human head appeared in court.

The callous killer who was found in possession of a human head and made waves on social media over the weekend has appeared in court on Monday afternoon.

Anesu Matsika (27)murdered and decapitated one David Arendi for yet to be known reasons.

Interestingly, he used Arendi’s  head in a car robbery of the car that he intended to use as his getaway car.

He flashed the head to scare a motorist out of his car, the court heard.

Matsika is of no fixed abode and is a popular feature around the University of Zimbabwe area where he is said to loiter.

In  his bid for freedom, he caused dram at the court as he acted like a mentally challenged person.

He started ranting like a madman but Magistrate Victoria Mushamba could not buy the stunt and refused him mental examinations remanding him to January 7 in custody.

He is facing murder charges.

Allegations are that on December 21, Matsika hatched a plan to murder David Arendi. In pursuant of his plan he followed the now deceased in a disused toilet where he killed him and cut off his head and left his body on the crime scene.

He later used the head to scare a motorist to get out of his vehicle which he used to drive off.

He was later arrested when he was found in possession of the head.