Morgan Heritage intimidated by Winky D?


Visiting award winning Jamaican reggae outfit Morgan Heritage appear to have  felt intimidated by Winky D and pulled a stunt that forced the local dancehall star to pull out of the show on Friday night.

According to sources, the Heritage family asked the promoter to change the show line- up and let Winky D perform after them in apparent caution that he might outclass them.

They further asked the promoter to stop Winky D from using a live band (Vigilance band) since they did not bring along their band.

Winky D’s management issued a statement on Friday evening apologising to their fans for pulling out of the show.

They cited that the promoter had failed to meet some ‘contractual obligations’.

Read part of the statement:

“We sincerely apologise for the difficult decision we had to take , this was necessary , as informed by the failure of the promoter to abide by contractual obligations chiefly amongst which was the denial for us to use a live band since the headline act were not using one.”

Winky D is known for his professionalism which is usually misread as pride.

His no-nonsense manager Jonathan Banda has made some ‘shocking’ decisions that has made him unpopular with many a music critic but he has maintained his principles.

He has pulled out of several major shows if he disagrees with the terms and conditions.

At one time he pulled out Jamaican star Capleton’s gig but there were reports that he later sneaked into the Jamaican star’s hotel room an allegation he vehemently denied despite of several eyewitnesses who testified on his Nicodemus action.

Meanwhile, Morgan Heritage had a lukewarm performance and proved to be a pale shadow of their usual standards.

The outfit’s last outing in the country was a top drawer performance.

The promoters House of David could not be reached for comment and perhaps this nightmarish show serves as a learning curve for them.

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