Musician Tino Katsande in court over song ‘theft’

A Harare man who was implicated in participation in the #Shutdownzim demos has been set free by the court.

Handina Mweya hit maker Tino Katsande (25) has been dragged to court for releasing the  track without seeking copyrights from the owner.

Katsande who made noise with his popular single ‘Handina Mweya’ appeared before Harare Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa facing charges of contravening the Copyright and Neighbouring Act which is producing or recording a song produced by another artiste without the authority of the owner of the copyright.

Zimbabwe Music Rights Association is the complainant in the matter representing the alleged owner of copyrights to the song, Tsitsi Goba.

Prosecuting, Peter Kachirika alleged that on July 14, Goba received a video clip  of her song from someone from her church.

Goba had reportedly released her song sometime in 2012 and she had recorded it in Botswana with Mega Bass Studios.

Later Goba then tuned in to STAR FM where she heard Katsande being interviewed about his song as it had been a popular single and he claimed it to be his original work of art.

It is alleged that the two, Goba and Katsande were in the same church at some point and he, Katsande heard the song being live by Goba and that is how he got wind of it leading to him producing it as his own.

It is alleged that Katsande knew that Goba was the owner and he had once arranged for a collaboration, recording and producing a remix of the song ‘Handina Mweya’.

He then went ahead and produced the song “Handitongwe Nemadzinza’ without seeking copyrights, the court heard.