Anti-Zanu PF War vets demonstrate


A faction of the war veterans which is not Zanu PF-alligned today staged a demonstration and delivered a petition to President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying government has to honour monetary promises made to them dating back to 1998.
War veterans demanded their pensions as well as benefits as stated in the constitution.
Speaking at the demonstration, a member of the war veterans committee Amos Sigauke said war veterans want their pensions.
“Statutory instrument 280 and 281 is very clear, it speaks about our pension and benefits, that is the minimum we want.
“If there are projects, we also want them on top of our benefits. We cannot talk about new things when past resolutions have not been met.
“There are benefits that we were given in 2007 that have not yet beenhonoured.”

Sigauke said they were saddened that the Zanu Pf war veterans leadership was calling them dissidents.
“The Zanu PF war veterans leadership is labelling us as relegates, we gave all of them documents that show what we want.
“Chris Mutsvangwa, Vincent Mahiya and Victor Matemadanda all have the documents but they were given benefits and cars and because of that they cannot sing the same song that we are singing.
“And if we demand what is rightfully ours, we are labelled as relegates, I went to war at the age of 14.
“They are saying we are anti Mnangagwa, they are singing for their supper, we understand but it is not fair,” he said.
He said they would stage another demo if their demands are not met.
“ZBC refused to cover us, Mavhura, the ZBC Chief Executive Officer said we are not recognised by the nation, which nation is he talking about.
“We understand the obstacles we are facing but we are not going to backdown, the war started with a few people, the seven who died at Chinhoi but many people joined.
“I am prepared to demonstrate alone or even if we are two I do not mind, it is not about numbers but it is about the legitimacy of our cause. We will organise another demo if our demands are not met,”
Sigauke said.
Another member of the war veterans committee, Fredrick Ngombe said war veterans were now paupers.
“ If you go down in the rural areas, you will be shocked by the state of some of our fellow comrades, they are now beggars. We want government to recognise those neglected comrades.
“In other countries war veterans are treated with respect, for example in Mozambique the post of state
governor in every state is reserved for war veterans but here we have a lot of opportunists who jumped on the train after independence and took over and they pretend to be war veterans,” he said.
War veterans made an urgent chamber application to the high court after their planned demonstration was banned by the police.
The high court the granted their request and ordered that the demonstration should go on.
in the late 90s demanded a $50 000 gratuity each, they got the money, triggering a serious economic recession.

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