Former VP Mujuru allies rally behind Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa says the response  towards the Cyclone Idai by ordinary people was far much better compared to that of government.
MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa says the response  towards the Cyclone Idai by ordinary people was far much better compared to that of government.

BMASVINGO— The deep fissures emerging within the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance primarily caused by the party’s 2019 congress have seen former Joice Mujuru top lieutenants, who joined the alliance, rallying behind Chamisa saying he is the sole reason whythey joined the biggest opposition movement.

In the build up to the July 30 hamonised polls, the Mujuru led National People’s Party(NPP) suffered a major setback as the majority of its members defected to jointhe MDC Alliance vowing to support Chamisa.

Trouble seems to be brewing in paradise as MDC Alliance is divided into two factions one reportedly linked to Chamisa pushing for him to go uncontested at the party’s 2019 congress while another faction reportedly aligned to vice president Elias Mudzuri and secretary general Douglas Mwonzora, who are pushingto have either of the two to contest Chamisa.

Former NPP spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando said that all the members who joined the alliance will not support anyone who goes against Chamisa whom he says holds the keys to a better Zimbabwe.

“Let state that former NPP members who joined MDC Alliance did it on admiring the party MDC Alliance and secondly they saw Zimbabwe’s future in President Chamisa.

“We aren’t ashamed that during every rally and meeting we openly stated that we don’t want to be dragged into infights for we were clear that the pulling factor to us was President Chamisa. It’s not for us to hide that we are solely behind President Chamisa in everything which he is planning for the party and people of Zimbabwe.

“We believe President Chamisa won the 2018 elections by 2, 6 million votes but ZanuPF stole the people’s victory,” said Chitando.

“It would be foolish for a paltry 3 000 people to remove Chamisa at congress whenhe has the support of over two million Zimbabweans.  If any former NPP member support any otherperson besides Chamisa and current leadership he or she will be going againstthe principles why we joined the alliance.

 “We believe the congress is there to consolidate the leadership and strategize around claiming the stolen election. We aren’t in MDC Alliance for positions but believe in there is greater strategy in numbers.

“Every Zimbabwean must understand that the people’s choice was Chamisa so as former NPP we will swim with the povo not against the people. The most popular politician in the country at the moment is President Chamisa.We must not disturb the millions who do not come to Congress by imposing a Zanu PF agenda on them,” said Chitando.

Chitando’s sentiments were shared by another former Mujuru kingpin and former energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire who said Chamisa is the real deal and every progressive should support him instead of trying to bring him down.

“The people of Zimbabwe should know that the only person who can lead the opposition to victory is Chamisa and we all should support him till the end,” said Mavhaire.