Teenager kills dad, cut off his genitals


Harare:  In a spine chilling incident, teenage boy from Glen-Norah stands accused of murdering his father and cutting off his testicles with a scissors for unknown reasons.

Basilio Simbi appeared before Harare Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa on Friday facing charges of murder.

He was remanded to December 28.

Allegations are that on December 12, Simbi entered into the deceased’s bedroom armed with two knives and a scissors.

He found the now deceased who was his father sleeping on his bed before he stabbed him several times all over his body.

It is alleged that he removed the testicles from the cold body using a scissors before dumping them in the water drainage system.

The court heard that Simbi later took his father’s body and dumped it in an open space near Kundai Primary school in Glen Norah A.

After he dumped the body he allegedly went back to the house and washed the blood stained blankets, clothes and the murder weapons.

The body was discovered by members of the public who reported the matter to the police on on December 13.

The police who attended to the scene interviewed Simbi whom they noticed had a deep cut on his left hand and when they inquired about the wound, he confessed to have gotten injured during the time he was stabbing his father.

He later made indications to the police leading to the recovery of the testicles and two kitchen knives which he had used to stab the deceased.

He also led indications leading to the recovery of a broken scissors which he had used in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, two other men appeared before the same magistrate for allegedly murdering a soldier who was clad in his full uniform only to get away with a satchel and phone.

Bester Masava (23) and Tonderai Rupiya waylaid an attack on Innocent Majuta who was a member of the Zimbabwe National army (ZNA) on November 24.

They attacked him and hit him on the forehead with an unknown object. They reportedly stole his satchel and phone.