Mnangagwa makes U-Turn on sanctions

Business people unpatriotic: Mnangagwa
Business people unpatriotic: Mnangagwa

A year after winning plaudits for declaring that Zimbabwe cannot continue blaming sanctions for its economic problems, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made a dramatic U-Turn and  apportioned the blame for the current economic crisis on sanctions.

This comes as his predecessor Robert Mugabe continuously blamed sanctions for failed policies and economic woes bedeviling the country.The 76-year-old leader told delegates at the Zanu PF Central Committee this week that sanctions – targeted at the ruling elite but which have ultimately cascaded to the masses – had crippled the economy, but the party was working around the clock to bring stability.

“We are now seized as Zanu PF with growing of the economy. With finding solutions to resolve all the crippling challenges that the country faces as a result of the past sanctions which were facing this country. We are using our resources to ensure we uplift the livelihoods of our people,”Mnangagwa said.

Zimbabwe is facing a wide array of economic challenges occasioned by foreign currency shortages and low production which has had a knock on effect on prices of basic commodities, fuel and drug shortages as well as a general rise in cost of living.

In his bid to revive the economy, Mnangangwa has appointed a financial guru Mthuli Ncube as finance minister and he has also opened doors to investors under his mantra “Zimbabwe Is Open For Business”.

However, his will seem to be scuppered by some of his lieutenants who on his own admission, are soliciting for bribes from would be investors.