‘Gold digger’ milks $400 000 from ‘husband’


A 26-year-old  Harare woman is accused of duping a medical doctor into marriage in a scheme to milk him of his wealth.

The woman Christina Hamilton has been hauled before the courts  for siphoning money worth over $400 000 as well as changing ownership of a brand new Range Rover belonging to a Harare medical doctor whom she supposedly married for convenience will on January 4 know her fate.

Christina Hamilton is facing a series of fraud and theft charges committed during their five-month stay after she exchanged vows with Alexander Guni who owns a clinic in Harare. He reportedly met Hamilton sometime in 2014 and the two were married within six weeks of dating.

Hamilton allegedly stole a safe containing $400 000, Guni’s educational and personal particulars and various amounts of cash she withdrew under the guise of company expenses.

In  her defence to the allegations, she told Harare magistrate Francis Mapfumo that Guni had no properties for her to have married him for convenience as all of the properties belonged to ‘their’ company and that he had manipulated her into marriage as she was only 21 at the time they exchanged vows.

She said everything she had taken was her entitlement as a wife and a shareholder in the company.

Hamilton also said Guni had brought up charges before her because he was bitter as they had had a couple of fights among them was one in which she wanted to go back to school and they had a misunderstanding.

The State produced evidence in court trying to prove that Hamilton was lying and that the crime was premeditated. She produced hospital cards in court which were signed by Hamilton a few days before her wedding. In the card, Hamilton had indicated that she was not yet married even after her bride price had long been paid and wedding preparations were expected to be well underway.

During the State’’s case, Guni narrated how his wife conned him into a marital union and then stole from him.

He gave graphic details of how Hamilton would deny him conjugal rights after marriage and how she had pressured him to pay lobola within six weeks of courting.

“I met the accused person at a food court and fell for her. We exchanged contacts and started seeing each other. Six weeks down the line, I was under immense pressure to marry and facilitated for her to meet with two of my sisters to assess her as is customary before I could marry her. When I went to pay lobola, the parents demanded full payment and said they would only release her on condition of a marriage certificate,” narrated Guni.

Guni narrated how Hamilton frustrated him on their honeymoon night. She invited her siblings to share the honeymoon suite with them on the night of their wedding.

She allegedly disappeared in 2014, five months after the marriage and later returned in July with another man’s child.

“I can could  the number of times we had sex. I feel that she hated me but wanted what I had. We were supposed to fly to Honolulu for our honeymoon and booked at Meikles Hotel first. To my surprise, when we got there, her sisters were there,” Guni said.

“When we finally got the chance to make love, she would scream whenever I tried to penetrate her and I thought that since she was still very young at the time, maybe I should give her some space.

“I got to the extent of even buying sex toys to save our sex life but that did not make a difference.”

The court heard that Hamiton allegedly connived with their wedding planner, Hillary Indi to fleece Guni of $30 000.

Indi has made headlines for fleecing couples.

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