State security thwarts anti-Tagwirei demo


State security agents have moved in swiftly to thwart a planned demonstration against Sakunda Holdings chief executive officer Kuda Tagwirei by some ruling party elements at the annual conference in Esigodini, the Mail and Telegraph has learnt.
The rogue elements were allegedly mobilised by Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) chairman Chris Mutsvangwa working in cahoots with Tagwirei’s erstwhile business partner Mayor Wadyajena.

Images of placards emblazonned with Tagwirei’s face and carrying words denouncing him for dividing ZANU PF leaked on social media on Wednesday night ahead of the annual conference where President Mnangagwa has preached unity prior to the event.

Mutsvangwa could not be reached for comment on Thursday since his mobile phone was off and he did not respond to messages transmitted to him.

However,inside sources told this publication that the fight between Mutsvangwa and Tagwirei is about control over the $1 billion petroleum industry in the country.

“What is happening is Mutsvangwa accuses Tagwirei of having a monopoly over fuel supply and blocking the opening of a second pipeline.Mutsvangwa has strong links with a South African petroleum company that he wants to get on board and also eat a cake from the industry.He is good at fixing and acting as a consultant between investors and the government,” revealed our source.

“Remember , he still have strong links in China after his stint at the consulate and look at how many deals he has brokered and pocketed facilitation fees.Those Faw buses that were bought by ZUPCO and never lasted was his idea.I also have reason to believe he is the one who linked Chinese investors at Afrochine chrome mine near Chegutu.So he is bitter that he is failing to bite the cherry in the fuel sector,” further revealed our source.

Tagwirei and Wadyajena had a fall out after a misunderstanding between Mayor Logistics and Sakunda Holdings and they have had running legal battles as a result of the tiff.

Mayor Logistics, a company which Sakunda used to transport fuel is owned by Wadyajena and thebtwo fell out a couple if years back. Wadyana has since dragges Sakunda to court seeking compensation for lost business.

“Mayor is bitter that he came a long way with Kuda (Tagwirei) but he dumped him when Trek and Puma came in.Thats the bitterness.Kuda (Tagwirei ) has always thought Mayor was immature, remember how he used to bun out his BMW along Samora Machel.In contrast, Kuda is a calm, calculative and cool businessman who is actually media shy,” explained our source.

The placards and other divisive material are reported to have been confiscated by state security agents to prevent destabilisation of the annual conference.