Soul Jah Love freed on $200 bail


Controversial musician  Soul Musaka popularly known as Soul Jah Love has been hauled before the court on allegations of contravening Section 83 of the Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations Act and he appeared before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye.

He is out on $200 bail and will be standing trial on January 9.

He is being represented by Anesu Bangidza.

On December 12, Musaka arrived at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport intending to board a plane to South Africa. He allegedly put an inflated black and white basketball and some of his stuff on the tray for screening when he was told by an official to deflate the ball so he could get aboard the plane as an inflated balls are not allowed on board

In defiance, he went outside only to return ten minutes later with the same ball only to be referred back to the officer who had assisted him earlier. The officer then sought the assistance of another official to try and reason with him and convince him to either deflate the ball or leave it behind so he could get on-board to which he stated that he was the President and no one would tell him what  to do.

The artist then forced his way through screening towards the boarding gate where he knelt down and said the flight would not land safely in South Africa if he was not aboard. The police were called and he was arrested on the spot.

It is not the first time the musician has had a brush with the law, he was once arrested for possession of marijuana.