Illegal arrest, detention & confiscation of equipment


The Mail and Telegraph is saddened by the continued human rights abuses by police and security apparatus who continue to defy President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s calls for the respect of the constitution.

Two journalists, Hubert Sithole and Panashe Makufa were today illegally detained and assaulted for carrying out their duties.

It is sad that this is happening at a time when President Mnangagwa has been calling for a shift in how security apparatus have been abusing citizens rights.

We urge the police to respect the constitution of Zimbabwe which guarantees freedom of expression. Journalism is not a crime and the continued assault on journalists need to be stopped forthwith.

As a media House we are taking all the steps to ensure that investigations are carried out and that we recover our camera and other equipment which have been stolen by the police.

We also thank the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and Misa for their swift action and making sure that Panashe receives medical attention.

Issued by Elias Mambo (Mail and Telegraph editor)

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